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Don Leitch Pavilion

Don Leitch Pavilion

$450 per day

The Leitch Pavilion is a rectangular building ten bays long, its principal structural bays separated by stout round-log posts

Sinclair Pavilion

Sinclair Pavilion

$300 per day

This building is comparatively long and narrow, with its axis running north-south, and it comprises a gabled main section having a fairly low-pitched roof.

Cec English Pavilion

Ces English Pavilion

$400 per day

This is a freestanding traditional timber framed structure with medium-pitched roof gables.
Howard Pavilion

Howard Pavilion

$500 per day

This building is built hard against the east wall of the Trevitt Pavilion. It is timber-framed and of basilican form nine bays long.

Trevitt Pavilion

Trevitt Pavilion

$500 per day

The building, comprises a high centre section with a hipped roof, surrounded by a clerestory, below which are peripheral aisles also having hipped roofs.
Beau Brown Pavilion 1892

Beau Brown Pavilion

$600 per day

This pavilion, though not the oldest structure at the Showground, is the largest single enclosed space. 

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PAVILION HIREPrice per day
BEAU BROWN PAVILION (540m2) $1.20/m2$600 (Closed for renovations)
TREVITT PAVILION (420m2) $1.20/m2$500 (Closed for renovations)
HOWARD PAVILION (420 m2) $1.20/m2$500 (Closed for renovations)
CEC ENGLISH PAVILION$400 (Closed for renovations)
DON LEITCH PAVILION$550 (Closed for renovations)
LORRAINE BENNETT PAVILIONNegotiated (Closed for renovations)
SHEARING SHED$300 (Closed for renovations)

PLEASE Note: A Damage/Utility Deposit may be payable. Essential Services (Electricity, Water, Gas), cleaning & rubbish disposal charges may apply and are charged separately. 

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Cec English Pavilion
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Beau Brown Pavilion 1892

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